VizFind Search Engine Infographics, shows results appears in colored circles, Yellow circled websites represents highest relevant scoring

  • Similar topic websites are grouped together
  • Purple color circles are less relevant to the search results, but could be the information you are looking for.


Information visualizing is an emerging and challenging area of research due to its unstructured nature and potential impact. Visualization of data provides instant understanding and facilitates effective communication medium. Using Search Engine Infographics VizFind is easier to locate the web page you need, simply view the pattern of highest scoring websites with yellow circles and check the titles of other pages that is gradually changing colors from yellow to purple. Web search engine, VizFind Search Made Easy

VizFind Search Engine Infographics brings search engine technology under one roof by displaying most relevant search results and grouped per topic and categorized as in or 

Also available for download in both App Store and Google Play

Visual Web Search, VizFind Search Made Easy
Visual Web Search app



Enjoy an easier navigation experience on the web with a visual search engine that displays colored circles according to relevance strengths and cluster-related results together.

Using ML algorithm, the visual search engine helps you navigate the web with a faster method by focusing on the strength of the resulted page with yellow color as most relevant and then to find related results clustered in close distance proximity.


Search Engine Infographics, VizFind Search Made Easy, Visual Search Engine uses a unique approach to visualization by providing real human-created tags predicting topics used in the search. Visual Web Search, VizFind Search Made Easy. The solution provides 2D mapping to navigate through the tags discovered. The engine learns about the text you like to analyze to produce related topics that are already published.


Our fast and safe search engine and browser app doesn’t keep data of your site search queries or any data that you view. As a free search engine, we don’t require you to create accounts. Just download our smart search engine with visualization and mapping and get the most relevant searches for your app.


Search websites completely ad-free. No sponsored results when you search the internet through Visual Search Engine.